Are you a lost soul?

lost spirit

Time and again the prevalent systems in the society including religions force us to believe that we are lost souls and if we don’t follow a certain way of life, we are on our way to unending darkness or hell. But do souls really could be lost souls? I don’t think so. I think a better term would be “Confused souls” and no soul will be ever be a lost one. The problem lies in the fact that we come into this world with a purpose to establish on this planet and in the process of getting involved in the system that is prevalent here, we often forget that purpose and lead lives confused never ever remembering it or wanting to remember.

Life purpose is the actual purpose with which you were born into this world. You may think that you were born by chance and you have to carry out your duties as it appear and live till the end satisfying yourself and the people around you.

There’s a Divine purpose with which you were born. Most of the human beings never realize their Divine life purpose and end up living a life of displeasure and non-fulfilment and die only to be born again in another life to carry out that life purpose.  Your life will be filled with joy and a feeling of completion only when you find out the Divine purpose with which you were born and live that life which is in alignment with the Divine source.

Divine life purpose is always one with happiness, love, peace and fulfilling that duty towards the Divine source. There’s a plan which is set by the Divine source which is for your good and only the Divine knows what that plan is.

So how will we be able to find out this Divine purpose with which we were born?

When your life is in complete alignment with the oneness and love of the Divine source from which you came, the purpose will be known to you by itself. There’s no need to take any efforts to know or understand that purpose. It will be revealed to you on its own.

The important aspect here is that you have to live in complete alignment with the Divine source in the ways I’ve told you earlier. The only aspect that you have to be careful about is that, the Divine purpose of your life will be revealed through different signs and messages which would be repetitive till the time you recognize it and start acknowledging it. Once you start getting these small signs and messages on how you should chart your life forward, you will start getting the full picture slowly.

You should not expect this Divine purpose to be revealed to you in its completeness at one go. You should follow the small steps that are shown to you and when you are in alignment in taking and following these small steps in life, you will realize that these steps are leading you to the life purpose with which you were born into this world.

Here you need not be over focused or overdo things to understand what’s in store for you. It’s the simple things in life that you should pay attention to. When you are not walking in.

Light, the happenings in your life may not necessarily be one from the light. Most of it could be a result of your own thoughts and deeds getting manifested in your life. But when you are walking in the Divine light, nothing in your life and I emphasize, nothing in your life happens by chance. Each and everything thing happens as a result of the Divine plan and is a manifestation of the Divine plan for you.

When you are in Light, it’s important for you to be careful in even the small things that keep happening in your life, because all of them in its entirety will be having messages for you guiding you to take the path in which you are supposed to go forward.

There are an elite few who gets their Divine purpose in life revealed in its entirety in one go through their dreams and or the sudden change in circumstances they fall into from which they understand this is for them and no come back is possible. But it doesn’t happen for everyone. Even in those cases, few of them doesn’t realize that it’s for them and keep on searching what’s in store for them till they finally come back to the same place where they were in and move forward in alignment with the Creator.

If it was this same way for all people to know their life purpose it would have been easier right?

Well, we cannot question the Divine wisdom for it carries out with the Divine purpose of goodness for the entire universe and the ways which we may find appropriate may not be appropriate for the universal good in reality.

So start taking those small steps which reveal unto you with complete faith and Divine guidance. You will be soon realizing that the kind of happiness and fulfillment you experience is in alignment with the universal goal and could not be experienced in any other way that you may follow ill we know that the small steps that we are taking are actually right or wrong? I mean whether it’s in actual alignment with the Divine purpose.

As I mentioned earlier, you are not outside the light. Someone who’s in the light will always manifest those things in life which are in alignment with the universal truth and wisdom. You need to have faith. Still, if you have doubt, you can always ask your angels, your spirit guides and the Divine source itself for guidance. They are always there to help you and guide you when you are in the light. With guidance you can start taking these small steps which will lead to your ultimate life purpose.

So does it mean that we keep on taking these small steps and it’s only in the end that we realize that this was our life purpose.

No. It’s only the initial steps that you take will not be much clear. But as you go forward in Divine guidance and faith, you will realize your life purpose soon and after that realization, there will be a long way in achieving that life purpose which is in alignment with the Divine source of love, happiness, joy, peace and abundance.

When you start walking in this Divine guidance in alignment with God, you will face many difficulties and obstacles from the world outside and around you. Others will start questioning your path. There may be lots of pressure on you to forsake the path that you are following and take the normal path in life which everyone take which they think will bring about happiness and abundance in life without realising that it only brings about sadness, psychic attacks, illness, despair, quest for fulfilment in life and finally a place of darkness to end up.

So, you should be focused and follow only the Divine guidance because only it could bring about the Divine fulfilment in your life. Others will slowly come in terms with you when they start realizing that the path that you have taken has only brought you and others better. They will be silenced by the love, peace, happiness and abundance in all areas of your lives and the lives of people around you.

When you are in light, The Divine takes care of your family even though they may have not come into the light. Your loved ones are protected in heaven as well as in earth.

So, what this life purpose will be like? Becoming a seer or something like that?

No. You may find your life purpose in the work you do currently by changing its course, in the way the Divine wants to. For some, it may be getting into a different path. For others it may a complete change in life which could seem strange but only to bring about joy. So, fulfilling the Divine purpose is not about distancing yourself from your circumstances and becoming a seer or sanyasi. It’s about doing things in the way The Divine source want you to do things while completely present between the people and circumstances around you.

You only get rid of those which are not for you. As I told for some the change will be minor and for others it could be major and for a selected few it could be to become a sanyasi.

So be in the light and get the life purpose to be revealed to you. Live your life in alignment with that Divine purpose for you and fulfill the divine purpose of ascension in your life and be among the Divine and the Divine beings.

Peace, love and prayers,


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