The Secret To Receive More of Everything – Giving to others or Sharing with others


sharingYour life should be one of sharing all those good things that were given to you whether it is joy, happiness, love, wealth and materialistic possessions. I’m not saying that you have to share everything. But when you give from the prosperity that you have, you are informing the Divine universe that you are willing to share whatever is given to you in life and that will attract more of those good things in your life. It is because the Divine source from which all things come thinks from the possession of prosperity and equality of everyone in this universe because the Divine source is a source of oneness and act for the goodness of all without any partiality.

To communicate this message through your sharing is important for you to receive more of what you have as well as new blessing to come to your life.

The Divine energy and law is one of sharing and when you are in oneness with that Divine energy, you should reciprocate that essence which is already there in you.

This world has become a world of selfishness at all levels. The world has forgotten the desire and value of sharing. The result is, the world has become more and more scarce and human beings are never satisfied with what they have.

When you give, you invite the energy of love, peace and harmony towards you from the person whom you share with and you are also helping those persons to feel the energies of abundance and satisfaction within them. This is a very important aspect as you are creating a lot of positive energies by this act and all these energies are originating from The Divine source which would help in making this world a desired one.

Just imagine for a moment, if everyone does this, how much desired energies will be filled in this universe and how much will this universe be taken forward to fulfill the Divine will.

This used to be the reason why communities that used to exist at the beginning of times never faced any scarcity in any form and why they all lived happily and in harmony. So learn to do that and again this comes out of practice as you were taught to be selfish and look after your own well being. With practice, this will become a part of your life and it will help your life with more peace, love, harmony and abundance.

Now here there’s a chance for misunderstanding. Whenever the factor of sharing evolves, everyone likes to believe that they don’t have enough and it’s the duty of the more privileged ones. You keep on considering it as the duty of others and you don’t have any role. Your justification is that you don’t have enough.

You think only about your lacks when it comes to sharing. You are so much deeply involved in thinking about the future needs that have to be met by saving your wealth here now.But what they do not understand is that, if you don’t have that here now, how they would have taken care of those future needs. I’m sure they would still take care of those needs. So it’s all perception right?Whatever you have now, use it for today, think about today and share a part of it with others. When you learn to do that, your needs of the future will be taken care of because the energy which is created out of GIVING is very powerful and it will bring back to you in many fold times everything that you need. It’s because, as I told when you do that, the Divine energy recognizes you as a part of oneness and equality and more is given to you with the expectation that you will share more of it.

If you go and ask them in front of everyone if they are poor, they will give a big “NO”. It happens because of two reasons. One is that, they themselves know that they have enough and secondly their ego never allows them to say that they are poor.

When you have little, you think about those little things and when more is given to you, you keep on thinking more and more and you are never satisfied. Have you ever observed that when your wealth was less you wanted more needs and wants to be taken care of and then eventually when your wealth kept on increasing, you satisfied all those needs that arisen and now again you feel your wealth is not enough?

The human mind works like that. It’s not about not having enough; it’s the fear that arises out of losing what you already have with you. You might have also noticed people who love to share and keep on doing that all their life and still they have a lot of wealth left with them.

You take any wealthy person in this world and if possible try to learn what he does with his wealth. You will understand without doubt that all of them are one with the Divine consciousness in sharing the wealth they have. The more they shared, the more was given to them .It is because the Divine consciousness recognizes those who apply this law in their lives, picks them up and make them wealthy. So if you want to become wealthy this is rule number ONE.

If you go back and find out the wealthy from whom it was taken back, you will again realize that they were not in alignment with this law of the Divine consciousness.

So how much we should share?

It’s not important how much you do, but the important aspect is whether you do or not. How much you do is up to your freedom. You cannot attach any yard stick to the amount of share that has to be given to others.

Even though I’m talking more about wealth here, I mean not only money but all kinds of wealth; materialistic and non-materialistic.

So we should find people who are in need and give or through religious places? We could also give to charitable societies right?

See it is also upto you where and how much to give. You chose where to give and just do it for the first time and then keep on doing it without fail all your life and see how much prosperous your life becomes.

When you are one with the Divine consciousness and the Divine consciousness recognizes you as a person who shares, the people who are in need will come to you for help which you should not ignore.

If you have little, share from that little that you have. When you have more, do more of it. Every human being in this world is supposed to be a part of this Divine sharing. When you share out of the little that you have, more will be given to you. If you don’t, whatever you have will also be taken from you.

This is Divine law. When you give more from your abundance, more and more will be added up to you but if you give less when you are given more, then only less will be added to you. If you have more and do not care to share with your fellow beings, whatever is given to you will be taken back.When someone approaches you in need of something, why do you use your ego to analyse if that person is worthy to receive? You don’t know in which condition he or she is in.

A man having enough, will never be willing to show his palms in front of you asking for help because it affects his ego. Why do you ask so many questions? Why do you analyse so much? Why do you ignore him because of the final conclusion that you have reached that “he doesn’t deserve”?Have you ever thought when you go to a place of worship or even during your private prayers what will happen if you are also given based on the eligibility of receiving those things in life that you ask for?

If the Divine power starts analyzing your eligibility and behaves the same way you do with others, what will be the end result? Then why do you want special care for yourself who is against the Divine law of Oneness and impartiality?

Peace, Love and prayers


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