How to Speak To Your Guardian Angel?






Peace, love and prayers,


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  1. I hav a serious problem about m life m losing m luck and am a traditional healer I hav lot of expectation in life by I feel lik all my dream has been chatted down. I had a ticket draw for a car ride dey nvr even col m ticket m so heart broken n hurt too I cnt even sleep. Worse part of it am in love with dis guy n I feel his a blood sacker coz every Tim he says he doesn’t hav money but I dnt blv him.M thinking alot and m losing focus towards m work. Plz show me the rite path coz m really lost I cnt even tlk to de members of the family coz m life is a mess because of m grandma evil deed towards m sucess. I really need a help towards dis problem. I even want to know if ezit true dt am blessed n rich coz as for me rite be I do nt see dt all I experienced its difficulty even tou sometime I fight I feel lik am losing hope and energy about m life. Ppl always see me as rich bt am nt ppl help m regain m strengths m power n those who are nt use full in m life I’ll let them go show m the way.


  2. Greetings! I saw that you followed my blog today so I came over to check out yours. I read this post and prayed to know my angel(s) and names… Shekinah was one that came to me and researching it now I am finding such gratitude in the depth and meaning this has… Thanks for sharing this post and connecting with me. Much love, Wren~~


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking ‘Angels behind the Scenes’. I don’t know whether it’s too way out for a publisher though!! I enjoyed visiting your blog too!


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