Who Are Angels?


Angels are Divine creations who serve God and all other creations. They are heavenly beings which are created by the Divine to spread the fruits of the Divine source which are Love and Peace. Angels are created with the Divine purpose of praising the Lord almighty and helping mankind by guiding them throughout their lives to establish the connection between mankind and the Divine. Every person born into this world will have a guardian Angel till the time of your death.

We seldom acknowledge them and seek their guidance but they never leave us irrespective of our deeds. Their purpose for us is to provide us guidance from God or the ultimate source from which we all were created and protect us day and night till our death. They are superior to human beings in the sense that they don’t have death which we have to face but they are inferior to us in the sense that God created human beings in his image but Angels were not created in that way. There are thousands of them and they all have their names which were given to them by the Divine power.

They are energy beings which can assume any form at will for the fulfillment of the Divine purpose with which they are created. As they are energy forms many times they appear to be white forms or white light forms. They also have their gender; he and she and they becomes guardian Angels irrespective of their gender and yours which means that a man can have her as a guardian Angel and a women can have him as a guardian Angel and vice verse. Angels are not Gods and doesn’t receive prayers but only call for help and guidance which is sourced from the power of Divine itself.

They are heavenly beings appointed to be with the earthly beings to ensure that human beings are helped in finding their Divine purpose and the ways to follow, in order to fulfill that Divine purpose. The guardian Angels not only serves the purpose of guiding and helping human beings but also is assigned with many other jobs by the Creator but they never get tired nor deviated as the sole purpose of their existence is to serve the Lord with joy .

The Divine power has provided them with heavenly powers and authority to fulfill their duties with perfection and they use these powers only for service for the Divine and never considers those powers to be their own as they realize that those powers and authority is bestowed upon them by the Divine with a higher purpose and not for the purpose of their own. Angels are creative beings good at every field of job that human beings carry out for their personal survival which is the result of the Divine wisdom and knowledge from and with which they are created and this wisdom and knowledge is part of them to its fullest extent.

Angels are beings of free will and will never interfere in any way in the lives or activities of any human beings and that’s the main reason we never acknowledge them.

Peace, love and prayers


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