Being Religious and Being Spiritual is Different


religion and spiritualitySpirituality is the key by which you reach the Divine source and its only through the road of spirituality that you will be able to achieve oneness and harmony with the Divine power and finally establish the life purpose in this life and at the same time live in an atmosphere of love, peace, joy, happiness, health, harmony and abundance in all areas.

So spirituality is the main focus. Now, religion is important to bring about this spirituality in human beings. Every religion has been set up for the well being of humanity and insists of adhering to certain religious laws that will help you to lead a good life which is in harmony with God and finally attaining peace and fulfilling the Divine purpose of one’s life on this earth ; the purpose with which everyone were born.

There is scope or the ways to attain harmony with the Divine light in all the religions. The religious laws which are propagated and taught in these religions should be learnt and analyzed to see if they could help you in any way in bringing you closer with the Divine source. So, what I mean to say is that , eventhough, attaining spirituality is the main focus, the focus from religions and its teachings should not be deviated as there could be a lot of essence which could support you in your journey of spiritual awakening and its fulfillment.

The religious books are written out of the Divine wisdom, which was given to different spiritual beings that has lived on this earth from time to time and each of them reflects Divine wisdom and knowledge. They are filled with pointers to the way that leads to good and evil and the steps that one should take in fulfilling Divine purpose which would help humanity in living a life of love, peace and abundance.

Okay, so we should be very religious too.

When I say that the teachings in different religions should be adhered to, we also need to keep in mind that there could be pieces of ego which could sometimes go into these teachings and religious principles. So we also need to use our discretion. We should be able to identify what helps us in our ultimate life purpose and which are the ones that we don’t really need. So chose the ones that help you to become closer with the Divine.

Being religious and being spiritual is different. A spiritual person may not be necessarily be religious and a religious person may not necessarily be spiritual. Being spiritual is the key so being spiritual without being religious is good but being spiritual while being religious is better.

But being religious without being spiritual will not do any good for humanity and is mere hypocrisy. In that case, the religion itself will become the destruction for that person.

After all what good is for the person, who goes to a place of worship every day, gives all offerings in the altar of God and then lives in such a manner that his soul is not important to him? What good will it does to a person after enacting all these drama doesn’t exhibit love, peace and harmony?

What good is to the person who offer prayers in the morning and evening and then goes and harm his or her fellow beings and live a life of deceit, lust, jealousy, greed, pride, ego and all that belong only to this world and are not from the Divine source?

So it’s high time to leave the hypocrisy behind and be truthful to oneself as being a hypocrite does less harm to others but it does a lot of harm to oneself and being truthful does lot of good to others and at the same time it does more good to oneself for oneself is more important in this world as only you can take care of it. Others have to take care of theirs.

And the ultimate aim of every human being should be to establish harmony with the Divine source, attain Oneness with the divine light, exhibit that light in the world in which you live; among your loved ones and everyone who are beside and around you and finally fulfill the Divine life purpose with which you were allowed to come into this universe.

Why I told that being spiritual and religious at the same time is better is because, when you have religion, you always have a community with the same purpose of fulfilling the Divine purpose to travel along with you all your life. It will help in boosting your morality because of the silent support and feeling of harmony which you always but silently enjoy when you move along with a religion.

So you never have the feeling of being alone and the religious practices may also help you to keep you in a state of permanent introspection of oneself and will remind you of the importance of being one with the divine source always.

But here again, you need to keep in mind that the religion should serve these purposes that I told you. If it’s not serving the purpose, then it is of no use to be in a religion. It’s just a waste of time and will only demoralize you and it’s always better to be alone and be just spiritual without being religious. After all you may get like minded fellow beings in that kind of spiritual journey too who may help you to be in the Light always.

Always watch out for false prophets and their teachings which are aimed at only serving their selfish desires and or the desires of the community they belong to. There are religions serving the dark forces. What they do is continue living in the dark and when the Light comes upon this world when the time arises, they will become too blind to see the Light and be saved.

So watch out.

There are others who say that they don’t believe in a Divine source and everything in this world happens by chance and the universe itself was just a happening of chance or just got created by itself. My only advice to them is that if they don’t believe in any force; neither the light nor the dark, where will they go when they die? Why to be all dressed up and have no place to go? After all, you deserve better than that even after your death right?

So wake up from your sleep and allow the Light to shine upon you so that you have a place to go after your death.

Yes I did speak about atheists.

So let religion and spirituality complement each other, the ultimate purpose being, not the destruction of oneself but its fulfillment of purpose on earth and the Divine oneness and harmony that has to be finally established in this universe.

Peace, love and prayers


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  1. I agree that there is a distinction between being spiritual and religious.

    “…there could be pieces of ego which could sometimes go into these teachings and religious principles” – although I do attend church, this is one reason I find it difficult to fully embrace the culture of religion.


  2. I agree wholeheartedly ” the ultimate aim of every human being should be to establish harmony with the Divine source, attain Oneness with the divine light, exhibit that light in the world in which you live”. And agree it is better if we can do this with a religious community that supports and magnifies that light. When the religious community becomes overcome by their egos, their greed for power or whatever human weakness, it is only a reflection of those humans involved rather than a reflection that all religious communities are the same. Jesus was the supreme example—killed by his religious community, after His death, He still established the church. So often those involved get caught up in their own desires but it’s not a reflection of the original intent. —so……watch out—-yes, a good warning. Focus on the spiritual need for the light–yes. Thanks for making the distinction.


  3. I shall actually write a blog expanding upon your work here – suffice it to say, I agree, to the extent that paying lip service to any religion while your lifestyle reflects a different reality is tantamount to spiritual fraud!


  4. I liked what you say about the purpose of Spirituality and how you differentiate it from religion.But I also believe that religious books need to be viewed in the context of today’s world and how some of the interpretations need a review. So long as the books guide us to follow a path of universal values and wisdom, that is what matters.



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