Be at peace with yourself and love yourself

Inner peace

Peace be with you. Be at peace with yourself and learn to love and respect yourself for when you lack self-love and respect, you disrespect the God presence within you because Humans were made in his image, likeness and in the oneness of his spirit. It’s only when you love and respect yourself , you can love and respect your creator – the almighty God and in turn you can love and respect other human beings and all other beings that were created with his wisdom, knowledge and divine purpose. And the divine law in its entirety is the fulfillment of these forms of love.

So what should I do to love myself?

Accept yourself wholeheartedly in its entirety and trust that what you are is the best for you and for others for what you are is divine plan which leads to what you should be and what you should accomplish in this life as this life is just a road that you need to travel to fulfill the divine purpose. Be happy about how you look, how you think, how you feel and about what you have.

But it’s quite natural for humans not doing so.

It can happen only when you appreciate the divine love and skill with which you were created. When you say you love and respect God and don’t appreciate oneself, You are telling a lie. You are living in darkness and assume that you are in light. Light will not be filled within you by itself. You need to allow it to flow within yourself. Here you may ask that if God presence is within you and if God is light then how darkness can remove light from within as no amount of darkness is good enough to hide light. What you think is right but you are not made up of only your body. You are made up of your body, mind and soul. And when all these three are filled with light that you assume complete light in your life and mind is always manipulative and the body is affected by the light.

You think only about your body during the course of your life even though you may realize that you have a soul but tend to ignore it as something without or outside that doesn’t affect you wherein you forget the divine purpose that the soul took over your body in this life for the soul to ascend and it’s only the communion of body and soul can accomplish this divine purpose. Today if you are not in peace with yourself, actually you need to realize that you are not in peace with what you have created after assuming birth in this world.

So you are not at peace with something outside of you which you have created and not the actual YOU. But when you are not at peace with what you assume for yourself now, you cannot be at peace with the actual YOU because you don’t realize the real YOU in you. When you appreciate what you are now that you assume you are or what you have created for yourself in terms of your appearance, thoughts, feelings and its manifestation around you, you start realizing at some point of time that it’s not the real you that you see and start looking for the real you. That realisation will lead to the God presence within you and the divine knowledge and realisation becomes real.

When you are lead to this realisation and start accepting and loving the real You, you are in turn loving God as You are God presence and you come from or is made from the same source – The God source and it is the source from which the entire universe and all the beings in it assumes form. When you start loving God, you will start loving people around you and all the beings which were created. Because you will be able to identify and feel the God presence in everyone around you and all other beings created within or without as everything and everyone took birth from the same divine source and it is the divine law to be one with the source to establish universal harmony or divine harmony.

I’ve a doubt.

Is God Male or female

God is omnipresent, omnipotent energy that can assume any form. Feminine and masculinity is also forms of energy and they are present in every creation and also the source and it’s the balance of both feminine and masculinity in every being that helps in the establishment of cordial and harmonious communion with the source and all the energies that flow from it.

The question you asked is relevant as it’s this imbalance in feminine and masculine energy within humans that leads to the evil of lust which leads to disrespect for the opposite sex which in turns leads to many unlawfulness the world is facing today.

So what should be done to have this balance within ourselves?

When you attain oneness with the source within, the balance will be established on its own.

Okay, so sex is not within this divine plan?
Sex is divine and is an activity which has to be carried out with respect and love and also with the one whom God has revealed to you to be your co-soul which is again a divine plan. The divine wisdom of the divine energy unites a male and female with a definite purpose that they have to carry out together in this life and man or woman should not scatter this love to anyone else other than the co-soul with whom you are united by the divine purpose.

I’m not trying to question divine wisdom but I feel if the kind of pleasure that humans get from sex was not there, then lust would have never been there right?

You cannot oversee the wisdom of God. If God didn’t combine sex with pleasure, human beings would have completely ignored it as humans are lazy to do things that they don’t find it useful to them and in turn the divine purpose of sex which is Pro creation would have never happened and human life would have been extinct long back.

Peace, Love and Prayers,


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