Divine harmony among all creations


So this realization will help us to experience the divine self and we will be able to get answers to all our prayers?

This realization is the first step. Once you attain this realization by shifting from darkness to light, there are divine laws of this universe which has to be adhered to for experiencing and sustaining this realization throughout your lives and leading to divine harmony among all beings in this universe. It’s only when you attain this divine harmony that you will be able to work with that divine energy which is energy of oneness to create your life that you desire.

Okay so what to do on this?

The divine is love; it’s energy of love and so there’s no place for hate. In the first step, you have attained peace with yourself; now it’s your turn to attain peace with the Divine and all beings of the universe. You need to forgive all those situations and persons who have hurt you in any way because of the lack of light in them and ask forgiveness from all those situations and people that were hurt because of your lack of light.

This message of peace should exist not only between humans but also between all other beings in this world.

Okay, so then how will I attain peace with the Divine power?

For that you need to keep certain divine laws which are the very essence of ensuring divine harmony among humans and all other beings in this universe and the Divine energy of creation and love.

So what are those divine laws?

Do not hurt or cause agony to the spirit or body of any beings created by divine love and wisdom by your thoughts or your deeds for you will deviate from the divine energy of oneness by doing so. Let not anyone cause permanent destruction to the existence of any being or form which cannot come back to life nor have the life energy instilled back into, to continue creating the divine purpose with which it was created.

Do not ask for or obtain the share of anything they have in this world for everyone has their share in this universe and this universe is one of abundance. The Divine love has created everything with abundance and its abundant itself to meet all that you want; it’s only that you get only what you ask for. If you feel someone or something is more than the share you hold, it’s because you got in return only to the extend you applied your energy. If your energy was more focused on lack, you received lack and if your energy was more focused on abundance, you are abundant today. By asking or obtaining the share which others hold is like upholding the lack in you and this leads to not only diversion from the divine law of justice but also brings back lack into your life.

The Divine energy is energy of truth and there’s no place for lies there. One should not in any way exhibit energy of falsehood or lie which is one of the most negative forms of energy which brings back destruction to its origin. You cannot find any falsehood or lie in divine creation. Everything is truth and all beings need to uphold truth in them in relation to others as well as to them not only in actions but also in words so that there are no tears or holes created in the harmony of their energy and the divine energy of love and truth.

Do not share your bodies with any being that is not united to you by the divine energy for the

purpose of procreation. You should share your energy physically only with the one that is part of you which the divine love helped you both to join wherein you both became not two but one body. By not doing so you will scatter your energies and this being against the divine law will result in the formation of negative energy which is received and given, to and from the one with whom you commit this mistake. This negative energy created is so harmful that it can lead human to disharmony, physical and mental unrest, wiping out of divine wisdom from them and total destructions. This energy created is one of the most destructive energies to those who are involved in the act.

Okay now I have one doubt.

You told “not to hurt or cause agony to the spirit or body of any beings created by divine love and wisdom by your thoughts or your deeds and let not anyone cause permanent destruction to the existence of any being or form which cannot come back to life or have the life energy instilled back into, to continue creating the divine purpose with which it was created.”

So, here all beings means animals, plants, fish etc. also apart from humans right?


So it means that we should not harm any animals, beings that live in water or plant life.


So then what shall we eat to sustain our life in this world?

When you kill an animal or fish, it leads to its death and the food that is sourced from it is instilled with the energy of death. The energy of death cannot find harmony with the energy of life in you and in turn causes havoc in your life energy and your body that is surrounded by that life energy. Plant life is created by the divine source itself to provide nutrition to humans and unless you completely destroy its life, you are not instilling the energy of death into your life energy. When you consume the fruits of any plants, it doesn’t lead to its destruction but it continues to live. It is divine wisdom and design.

But as per the “Holy Bible” Jesus didn’t seem to be against eating fish.

Jesus came to this world with a higher divine purpose of its own and he didn’t want to get into this. Every being created by the Divine source has its own territory and no being has the right to get into the territory of others until it gets into yours. If you look around and observe the different beings created by the Divine source, you will understand that there’s a message that every beings exhibit and that’s the divine purpose with which it is created. For example, ants exhibit the message of self-discipline and focus.


So the Divine laws are simply the adherence to the law of Divine love for all the created beings and ultimately love for the Divine source. Once you start living by abiding to the divine law, you will find oneness and harmony with the Divine energy which is the source of all energy from which everything and everyone were created in the universe. This will lead to be at peace with not only yourself but also with your fellow beings as well as the Divine source of love and abundance.

Now say if there are some cockroaches in my house which is irritating me, then I don’t have any right to kill it? I’ve to live with that mess? He he….

No being created is a mess when you are in light. It’s the darkness in you that considers it as mess. As I told you every being has a message for you and to everyone and everything around. All other beings are able to understand and relate to those messages except humans.

Once you are one with the Divine source, you will be able to understand the messages that each beings tries to exhibit by displaying itself in front of your eyes. Once you are able to understand those messages which will be very much related to the present situation in which you are living, you can ask them to go from your sight and it will go, as you are a part of light and has become one with the source, the same source from which all beings come and harmony is the key element of this source.

You mean to say I have to speak to these cockroaches and if I tell them, they will leave?

Once they have passed on the message to you which is for you and because of which they are in your sight. Yes they will leave, you can try for yourself.

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Peace, love and prayers


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