The Power of Letting it Go

let go

Let it go.

The power of letting it go is very important to be developed in your life.

How exactly is it to be done?

It’s very simple. All your lives you keep thinking about unnecessary things which keep on coming back into your lives. The best way to avoid unhealthy or unwanted things in to happen is just to let it go.

In your life you might have experienced different forms of illness right?

What actually happens when a person is ill is that, you keep on thinking about that illness and the pain that could bring to you. Your fear takes over you and makes the illness worse. Even going to the best doctors will not help some people to get rid of those illnesses at some times. And then you see some other people getting cured very fast.

You may think that and many times you say that the person who got cured fast is having a very good will power or he or she is a very strong person. So where does this strength come from? Or what is the truth behind this. The actual truth is that, the person who gets cured fast believes that he or she will be alright and then stop thinking about it.

As I told earlier when you believe something positive strongly and if you tend to focus your thought energies more on it, the ego will take over and start analyzing with the human mind which is always related to reality. I mean the mind perceives it as reality but it’s not. It’s the reality factor which you think is true resulted by the conditioning or pre-programming that happens all your life since birth which is influenced by the external factor in which you lead your life.

So again getting rid of the ego is again very important.

What exactly is this ego?

Ego is something which tries to analyze with your left brain or more of your mind which is more related to your life experiences and the conditioning that you have gone through so far. When you think about something, the ego tries to analyze it and creates a human perception to it which is not from the higher self.

 For example, you sometimes open the “The Holy Book” for certain answers right. You open and get a message and then you may not feel satisfied with that message. You will close the book and open it again and again till the time you are satisfied with the kind of message that you received. The first message is actually the real message for you, which you need to read carefully and try to understand its inner meaning. Ask your wisdom to help you understand those messages. What you get later are the messages that the ego presumes is right for you. It comes out of fear right? Think about it.

Haven’t you observed little children always trying to explore something and in the process learn a lot of things? As you grow up your sense of exploration faints even though you want to, because you start analyzing things and starts thinking about its consequences. The little child was not having a fully developed ego you know. That’s the difference.

That’s because as we get matured, we try to do things more carefully right?

Yes right. But maturity sometimes is the beginning of the loss of innocence right?

I’ll tell you how exactly this “Let go” factor to be applied in life.

I’ve already told you about the let go factor in prayer right. Now suppose you are really unhappy with something happening in life. The more you think about it will lead to more unhappiness, relationship problems and illness. So when you face some issue, just think about the problem, place in front of the universal mind, ask for a solution and then forget it. You will see miracles. Because the universal consciousness has taken charge of the problem and you will see solutions manifesting in your life.

But for this to happen, I mean for the creative source of universal knowledge to take complete charge of the situation, it’s very important that you have left it or surrendered it completely .If you keep clinging on to it, the creative knowledge will not be able to work on it.

Now suppose you are very ill. You have to apply the same rule here. Think about the problem, surrender it to the Divine power, ask the illness to be away from your body and mind and then just let it go or just forget it. You will see miracles happening even in the case of those illnesses which you doctors say cannot be cured.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, when you think more about something, that particular thing keeps coming back to your life. So it’s better not to think about it right?

Now suppose you have a sour relationship. It may be with your soul mate or anyone in your life. Or someone might have abused you, or caused ill fame to you and so on. Again if you keep thinking about it more, it will lead to enemity, bad consequences in different ways and finally illness of mind and or body. So again here, just think about the problem, forgive the person and or the situation, place it in front of the Divine self, ask it to leave and let it go. You will see wonders in life by ways of those relationships getting healthier, new relationships coming into your life for your good and so on.

So letting go is very important not only to repair the situations in your life but also to avoid succumbing to illness of mind and or body in your life.

Now many people will face a problem here. They attach themselves so much to the situation or problems that they may not be able to let it go. To them again I just want to say one thing that “Whatever you put your energy more in, it will come back to you”. So it is not doing any good right and if you feel you are a sensible person, then why don’t you try it in different areas of your life and see the results for yourself.

You take any particular area in your life today which you feel needs correction and apply this rule. And it should be applied in its entirety okay. Then you will find wonders happening. Even when you find results coming in positively don’t try to have any attachment with the problem. Just try to work on those results and you will have a happy ending to the particular problem in your life.

Okay. So what’s the real secret behind this letting go and things getting worked out fast?

When you are doing this, again it is a way of surrendering yourself completely to the Divine power with complete belief. And then you are not energizing the negatives to make it worse. That’s the secret.

Again when you are in light, you will understand all these by yourself. But for others, these are certain ways to bring them closer to light.

When you face an issue or when you want something in life, just take some time to think about any one happy moment in your life or any one gift that you have received in your life. Focus more on it; try to bring the feeling of that particular situation in life. When you acknowledge and are thankful for the gifts you already received, you open your way to receive more good things in life. If you keep complaining about the lack in your life, even the ones that were given to you will be taken back and only lack will keep on manifesting in your life.

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Peace, love and prayers





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