Don’t think positive, think what you are thinking.

Practical Spirituality

One of the pieces of advice that never made sense to me and just seems like a generic piece of advice with not much thought put into it is the phrase “ Just think positive”

It never made sense to me because if we had a choice of what we could think and feel wouldn’t we always choose to think positive, be happy or feel good? The real point of spirituality as I see it is not to try to cut out or cover up those parts of our life we don’t like or prefer not to experience but to learn the art of acceptance at all times.


I fell into this trap early on as I was getting into spirituality…I thought I must go around being happy, being positive, being understanding etc then would get upset with myself when thoughts and feelings not aligned with…

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  1. It took me a while to figure these things out! When I embraced change and accepted that what was happening in the moment and embraced it, I felt more at peace! Great post – thanks for sharing 💛


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