Have You Heard Of Skin Fasting?


With all the crazy and scary things happening in the world right now, the last thing you are going to want to focus on is your skin care routine and we totally get that.

In fact, this lockdown period could actually be a much-needed break for your skin as it gives you the time to temporarily pare down your skin-care routine, to give your face a much needed break.

Skin fasting is all about minimizing your skin-care routine for a set period of time to allow your skin to reset itself. Sounds too confusing or counterintuitive, lets break it down then:

WhatAre The Benefits Of Skin Fasting?

A skin fast allows the skin to return to its natural homeostasis. The theory behind this new beauty fad is that when we use skin-care products, we are conditioning our skin to react in a certain way, and this can throw off…

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