What is an Egirl? What is an Eboy?- Definition explained


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Let me start by saying the term has evolved over time and I couldn’t quite grasp the meaning even after various internet searches. So there was no way around it, I, Star, had to dive head first into the culture to understand the exact definition of Eculture.

Ane-girlis a “category” word: it’s used to assemble many different specific types of girls that fit into a certain specific trend or “type”. There’s many mainstream/commonly known types of e-girls, for example:
1- the emo e-girl
2- the tiktok/vsco e-girl (can also be know as the aesthetic e-girl)
3-the gamere-girl
4- the artsy e-girl

E-girlis also a term that has been derived to something pretty negative. It’s often used as an insult to popular/attractive women on streaming or gamer sites like TikTok or Discord. It’s also been perceived as “thot” or “internet slut“, per what people…

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