Surrendering to God


Once you have surrendered to the Divine energy source, you need to surrender yourself to that Divine source as you no longer is an individual now but part of a larger source in which you are to play your role according to the plans and design of the creative source. For this Divine plan to take place through you, this surrender is very much important.

Okay so what does this surrender means?

When you surrender yourself to the Divine source of energy which is energy of creation, love, wisdom, knowledge and abundance, you are considering placing everything that you think you have, to this Divine power. Your body , mind, soul, spirit, astral body, relationships, material possessions and your lack like financial struggle, bondage to addictions, illness and so on no longer will be considered by you as yours but part of the Divine power. Even though the truth is that these are not yours in reality and the lack which I spoke about is a creation of this lack of knowledge.

All were provided from the Divine source and should be surrendered to the Divine source as it was the actual plan but couldn’t materialize because you tried to own it all thinking it’s your own.

Once you decide and place your intention in front of the Creator and the universe which is filled with the energy of creation and all that comes from the Creator source, you let go off your expectation in its fullest. Saying that you surrender everything and then creating and or maintaining expectations is going back to the old self or inviting the old self again to your life which you don’t want to happen as you are in the process of transformation and you don’t want it to be interfered with. So let go off all expectation in the body, mind and soul and everything around you including your relationships. After all it was only lack and sour relationships that you created hanging on to it thinking it’s all yours to play with.

Once you surrender ultimately in all sense and there are no more expectations in you about anything, there the Divine source will begin to interfere. When the Divine interference happens, all areas of your life like body, mind, soul, spirit, astral body, relationships, material possessions and so on will be molded in alignment with the Divine purpose and all lacks will be transformed to create the way for positive outcomes and only POSITIVE OUTCOMES in your life.

Your job will be to just sit and watch as a silent spectator. It’s just like going to a wedding party and doing your share and you know the rest is taken care of.

Actually, sounds nice. But are all these possible?

When humans have to just do this which is much easier than what they are doing now, it’s sad to find the end results in their lives by going on their own. When the Divine interference happens, you do only what is asked of you to do and the results will only be as decided by the Divine power. All these results will be in alignment with love, harmony, peace, health and abundance in every area of life as these are the essence of the Divine energy. And as you have no expectations, these results will provide you with the fulfillment of joy and serenity as these results will seem to be much higher and wider than your wildest dreams.

So nice, it will be an amazing life and at the same time how God want us to live.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that to let go off the EGO. It is biggest enemy of human beings and will try to surface in every day of this spiritual journey. The “I” and the “Me” are two words that don’t go hand on hand with Divine surrender. Once you let go of these, it’s only the source – The source of oneness and the source of the origin.

Whenever you think or feel something, be on your guard and practice looking for the elements of Divine energy in those thoughts and or feelings. You should avoid anything that comes out of the “I” and the “Me” as it is ego. Humans beings’ part of this spiritual journey always get misguided by the ego as it will be disguised as originating from the Divine source. As told earlier any thoughts and feeling resulting in action not originating from the Divine source will not be successful in the long run as it’s not in alignment with the source itself.

It’s tough right?

It’s easy. It only needs practice. It comes as a result of practicing Divine consulting in each and every area of life which is the very essence of this Divine surrender.

But what I understood was that once we do complete surrender to the source, all feelings, thoughts and deeds will be controlled by the Divine source and there’s no scope for error.

That’s right, the EGO is outside the Divine source and it’s the possession of only the human. It took birth in you when you were born and grew as your body grew soiled and nurtured by all the influences around you. That’s why you give so much stress to the “I” and the “Me” elements which have become a part of your life.

You are misguided with the notion that it is required for your survival and it’s a survival tool that human beings develop. But survival rests in the Divine which they often forget.

So you mean to say that this ego factor will keep on taunting us throughout our lives and has to be on guard to keep it out all the way long?

No. The ego can also be eliminated completely from life through practice. Whenever you realize ego, there’s no more ego and once you start ignoring what comes out of the ego, the ego will find no relevance in itself and will slowly start to distance itself. And with time, as you get deeper into the spiritual journey, you start seeing the fruits of the seeds that you have sown and it itself will give you an understanding that Divine surrender is the only way by which can bring, Joy, happiness abundance and all other gifts that you had longed for all these times . You will start ignoring the “I” and the “Me” in you and the ego will be there no more prevalent.

Once we surrender what happens to our family, relations, and financial situations? I think money will be not much required after that right because we will be no more interested in materialistic things.

The Divine surrender will bring about love and harmony in your family and relations. Peace will prevail throughout life. Your family and all others around you are part of the Divine plan and they have their own equal relevance for you in all means. You will also lead the way to bringing about changes in the life of people around you because the Divine love energy that’s flows from you to them will not be neglected as it is the energy that comes out of the Divine source from which they also originated. They start realizing and remembering their roots.

All human relations which is not part of the Divine plan for you will start distancing itself and it will be a natural effect and need not be initiated by you.

As far as money and materialism is concerned, the Creator wants you to be happy and fulfill all your needs and wants and don’t want you to be deprived of the good things in life. It is just those very few that you have to keep away from you which are not in alignment with the Divine energy. If you want to live in a nice house, wear good clothes, eat good food, spend on leisure which is required by you and your loved ones, it will be taken care of and there’s nothing wrong in it as all of it were also created by the Divine but the exploits from those creations were not from its wisdom.

On the other hand, for your enjoyment if you want to use marijuana, drink alcohol, spent money on a prostitute, it’s definitely not in alignment with the Divine source and is unacceptable. In fact, once you reach a level of Divine alignment in all ways, you will do only what’s in alignment and that promotes harmony because you will realize that it is not YOU but it’s the source, of which you are a part.

Thank God I don’t have to leave my loved ones.

Living alone and living with your loved ones is all part of the Divine wisdom and plan and it manifests in each of your lives as per what has been decided.

Peace and Love,















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