The 7 Deadly Sins


I am an anime fan. I grew up watching all of Naruto (yes even Shippuden) and Dragon Ball Z (yup all of that too). I always liked the anime world, how it truly felt like anything could happen and that anything really is impossible. Well here is another anime series (Netflix original) of yet another great show.

How do you feel about giants? What about fairies? Talking puppets? Kings and Queens? Warlords? Enchantresses? Flying societies? Demons? How about immortals? Well guess what, 7 Deadly Sins combines all of that. Yeah, ALL of it!

The best part about this show though, is instead of everything fighting against each other trying to be the “alpha species.” Like how most shows tend to play out to be. Instead, you got everyone trying to work together to defeat one common enemy. Now I know that may sound a little boring and all but trust…

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