Messy Oaks by John Roland

10 commandments



¨      The Decalog (Ten Commandments) is at the heart of the message of Deuteronomy.

List of commandments: narrowed to two categories.

–          The 1st 5 = man’s relationship to God

–          2nd 5 = man’s relationship to man

Broken down by topic:

  1. Nature      of God
  2. Worship      of God
  3. Name      of God
  4. Day      of God
  5. Family      of God
  6. Deals      with life
  7. Deals      with family
  8. Deals      with property
  9. Deals      with truthfulness
  10. Deals      with motivation.

Two kinds of laws can be found in the Old Testament.

¨      First are broad categorical laws which set forth general principles. These laws do not specify how they are to be enforced or what penalties are to be invoked. The Ten Commandments are representative of this kind of law. They are basic policy statements for life in a…

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