The Gift and Value of Prophecy


Once you are in Divine light, you will start experiencing the light in every area of your life. The Divine light will have its reflection and influence where ever you go and whatever you do. It will become an inevitable part of your everyday life in its entirety. When this happens, you will start seeing and experiencing a lot of benefits and spiritual gifts appearing in your life.

These gifts and benefits may even seem to be miracles that are happening in your life and many times you will be surprised and amazed by these happenings in you and around you. These are the gifts for the people who walk in light. When you are in Divine Light, there is no sorrow or despair. There will be complete happiness, joy, health, peace, abundance and love.

When you start experiencing these gifts in your life, it becomes your duty to inform others about what you are experiencing. Many times, you may feel bit awkward to tell others because of the feeling that they may not take it in the right way. What you could do is that first start speaking about it to your loved ones. Speak to your friends and dear ones whom you trust and who trusts you enough. Inform them, let them know what has happened in your life and how the Light has changed your life.

Teach them the lessons that you have learnt and let them also know how to come into the Light and the let the Light be filled completely in their lives. Some people will ask on their own to teach them or let them know the ways that you have employed to let the Light originate into your life. Share with them all your experiences starting with your fear when you started to come into spiritual life and the Light that flows from the Divine source.

There may be some other people who may not ask you but would actually like to know about the changes in your life. Teach them too anything and everything that you know about it and the way that they could use or employ to come into Light and change their lives.

There may be some other people who may be strangers who will start coming to you and will ask you about the changes that have happened in you. These people may know about you either through your loved ones or even by chance. When the light is there in you, the light shows up everything to everyone because the light wants it to shine not only upon you but also in the lives of all human beings.

This is the essence of this Light as this Light is the divine one that flows out of the Divine source of Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Harmony, Health and Abundance.

It’s very important to share this message because this message is given to you with an intention for change to happen in you and at the same time the Divine source wants this change to sweep over all of humanity.

I’ll tell you the reasons why this sharing becomes important.

When you are in Light, you experience all the good things in life. Now it was Divine decision or intention that you should enjoy all good things in life. Similarly, the Divine source wants each and every human being to enjoy the good things in life. So, you being a pioneer in the light and in ascension, you should pave the way for others also to come into light.

When others see the light in you and all around you, they themselves will be attracted to it as it is Divine light of love and abundance. Then they would want to know how to get into this light as you are completely aware by now how it happens; it becomes only your duty to guide them and help them in their lives.

When you are doing this, you do Divine work and it is like working for God to establish a universal cause that is the need of the hour, in this world of scarcity of all means – spiritual, emotional and materialistic. Ultimately, you also need to understand that the Light was showed to you not because of your quality but because

you are part of the Divine source and so are everyone else and it becomes all the more important that you being in light helps others also to be one with the source as early as possible.

Only after every being in this universe attains harmony and oneness with the Divine source, the Divine plan for the universe will be achieved and that’s when this universe could enter the next phase of fun and entertainment – a brand new world with no elements of the third and fourth dimensional worlds.

Also you need to understand that when you share this message of love an abundance flowing out of the creator source, you will be doing more good to yourself because your faith will increase and you will be more comfortable and convinced that the path you have taken is completely safe and secondly, it will increase the light within you leading to, only more and more gifts, benefits, surprises, magic and miracles coming into your life and into the lives of each and every person whom you love and who are around you.

So, when we are in light, it will automatically help our loved ones also?

When you are in light all your children and all your loved ones are protected on earth and in the Heaven and all their needs are taken care of by the Divine source. So, the light in you doesn’t only keep you safe but also the people around you who you love and those who love you as well.

Now, there may be some people who may not be willing to accept the light which is there in you. There may be some people who may see the light in you and have also seen the benefits, gifts and miracles that light has brought in your life but may not be ready to accept it because of the ego playing around in them. There may be some other people who may not actually see the light in you even though it glows with all its majesty in and around your life and in the lives of everyone around you. It is because of the depth of darkness in them

So, what’s to be done with them?

Ignore both of them. In the case of the former ones, it will take a long time for them to come to light but their lives will eventually take them to the desired source of Divine love and abundance as there’s no escape for it for anyone. It’s only the decision you need to take whether you want to enjoy life in its completeness at an early age or at a latter age.

In the case of the latter people, they may come back to light sooner even though some may take a longer time like the former. They may suddenly experience light or will be able to see the light in the people in whom it is present and will start searching for the truth. When you see the signs, you should know it’s your time to help them too.

So, it’s not the light in you which is only important but you who are in the light is responsible to be ministers of the Divine army which is fighting the Divine battle against darkness to eliminate it completely from the universe. So as ministers of this Divine army, each and every one of you have to provide your share through different means that the spirit guides you. In whatever way you try to minister it, the final goal should be Divine oneness leading to Divine love and abundance.

















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