Nothing is in your control. Just have faith

Praying at sunriseThe ultimate truth that you will realize when you come into Light completely is that “Nothing Is in Your Control”


When your surrender yourself completely to the Divine source, keep all those laws in your heart and lead a life that establishes oneness with the Divine light, you will not be controlled by your mind or body but by the Divine source itself.


Initially, your ego will raise questions and will try to control things, but in the process of becoming one with the Divine, you will open yourself up to the almighty and surrender yourself to his Divine wisdom and powers. Even when it’s not completely established, you will start reaping the fruits of the intention that you have set and the initiatives that you have taken towards this journey in your life.

From the beginning, you will start enjoying this journey with lots of lessons to learn, new experiences, surprises, positive events that you have never experienced in the past, love, peace, harmony and a complete state of empowerment. If you do not try to go back, there will be no downturns too in this beautiful journey. You may try to go back for many reasons like fear taking over you, seeing the events that are

happening in your life, even though, they are pleasant ones. It’s is because, you were never trained to live such a happy life without downturns which will cause fear as its totally against what you have seen in your life earlier.

Other reasons for going back being; experiencing the pleasures that you were indulged in, which you received from living in the dark even though you will have more fun in this journey and pressure from people around you.

Even though, some of you try to go back once you start your journey in the Light, you will understand that it’s not so easy doing that. You will have the same difficulty which you faced while entering this road in taking the road backwards too. This is because, your angels and spirit guides and the Divine power itself will prevent you from that. Still, if you want to go back, you will have to try a lot which you yourself will understand is not worth, considering the love, peace and joy that you are experiencing in this spiritual journey.

Let me tell you in detail about the three main reasons that make you think about going backwards when you are here in Light.

Fear may take over. You need to understand here that, when you are walking in the light, you will be empowered to handle any kinds of fear. The fear that occurs now is only a play by your ego which arises from the experiences that you had in the past. You have a pre-programmed mindset that human beings have to go through ups and downs and cannot experience a perfect and all-time happy life. But it is false. When you are in the light, there is no question of ups and downs; there are only ups except the downs that you create out of your fear.

So, don’t allow fear to take over you and destroy the perfection that you are about to attain in your life and in the lives of everyone who are around you.

Now you also need to keep in mind that, at some point those lustful evil thoughts may come up in your mind. It is because of the short time pleasure that you received while indulging in any activities of the dark. When those things tempt you, only think about the long term implications that it had in your life and how you overall life was, before coming to the light.

When you sit and think, you will understand that, there was actually no fun in those roads compared to the fun and excitement that you are experiencing in this road leading to the Divine light. So, pray, fast and be determined to be always full of love, peace, harmony and abundance around you. You don’t need those lacks in any part of your life, anymore right?

Finally, get out of the drama provided by this life. When you are in the Light, you need to get out of the drama of other people. It’s your life that you decide to make happy and prosperous and others don’t have any say in that. You have to be powerful; you are powerful and it’s safe for you to be powerful. You cannot make every person happy or satisfied in your life. All human beings are different and trying to satisfy everyone at once will be at the cost of destroying your peace and joy.

So, let other people say what they have to say. Listen and move ahead because it’s your life and you have to decide how it should be; whether it should be full of bliss by walking in the light or full of the so called ups and downs by walking in the dark. In fact, when you talk about ups and downs in that road, its more downs and less ups which you seldom realize. Smiles!

Yes, it’s right. But when something makes us happy, we forget all those sorrows which consumed us for a long time and we tend to think that it’s more happiness and less sorrows in our life. In fact, it’s the opposite.

So, let not others spoil the fun you are having. In fact, at the appropriate time, they too will start walking on these roads and it could also be a result of seeing what you have achieved in your life. So, allow other people’s drama behind in your life and keep walking forward.

As I was telling you earlier, at the end you will realize that you are not in control. At the early stages, you will try to employ spiritual methods like manifestations, affirmations, visualizations and so on to bring about happiness and prosperity in your life. To some extend you will be successful too. But it’s not required to work so hard you know, when things can be much easier.

You will realize that the best method to adopt is to surrender completely and sit back to watch how things shape up. You will be guided by the Divine, to do things and you will finally understand that things are shaping up the way you wanted but probably through different means. That’s the power of divine wisdom.

So, the ultimate goal is complete surrender.

So wish you all blessings in this journey and help others also to find Divine light so that their lives are also lightened up.

Peace, love and prayers,

Sanoj Jose






























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