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Sanoj Jose

Hi Everyone, I;m a Simple person who love to live a simple life, want to be non judgmental about others, believe in free will of each person, believe in being humble in all situations, believe in the power of prayer to gain the strength to be how i love myself to be.
I love writing and i hope my articles will entertain you and help you gain the information that you look out for.

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The New Nostradamus

Mrs. Molasses tasted the apple and it was good. Sweetness tasted the apple nd it was sweet. Mother and daughter agreed; honeydew was a far better apple than the pomegranates they were touting at Fisher’s Fresh Fruit. They were too seedy. Mrs. Molasses bought all her vegetables in the Garden […]

Beef short ribs later today

I follow a whole-food plant-based diet almost exclusively, and today the emphasis is on “almost.” For some reason I got a hankering for beef after seeing some extremely nice beef short ribs at the supermarket. I got three very chunky short ribs — much meat, little bone — and I […]